When science fiction and reality collide, we start finding proof suggesting that time traveling is not only possible but may already be happening!

We are not sure if people are slipping in and out of dimensions, teleporting, or going back in time but you have to check out these 10 interesting events that indicate time-travelling does exists!


1. Charlie Chaplin Movie’s Cell Phone – January 6, 1928

10 INTERESTING INCIDENTS THAT SIGNIFY TELEPORTING EXISTSIn the DVD extras of Chaplin’s “The Circus”, people were given access to a short film and photos of the movie’s premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in 1928.  In this footage it appears that a woman is walking around and talking on a cell phone.

Since Cell phones do not exist in 1928 this has lead people to suspect that time travel is possible.  However this doesn’t explain who they would be talking to and what cell tower they would be using.  Perhaps something else is going on that we haven’t thought of yet.

Others suspect that maybe this person is using an ear trumpet but this doesn’t really explain why she appears to be talking and laughing into the device.

2. Compact Disc Case in the 1800s

10 INTERESTING INCIDENTS THAT SIGNIFY TELEPORTING EXISTSA painting from the 1800s shows of a man holding what looks like a fancy CD box.

The earliest form of plastic wasn’t invented until the mid-1800s, and (obviously) Compact Discs weren’t in use until the 1980s.

Do you know what he is holding?

3. Hit and run Victim from the Past

10 INTERESTING INCIDENTS THAT SIGNIFY TELEPORTING EXISTSIn mid-June 1950 a man in his early thirties named Rudolph Fentz wearing 19th century clothes was hit by a car and killed at New York City’s Time Square.  The investigation by a NYPD policeman revealed that the man had disappeared without trace in 1876 in the age of 29.

The items in his possession were
• a copper token for a beer
• a bill for the care of a horse and the washing of a carriage
• a letter from 1876
• 70 dollars and business cards

This man was appeared to still be 29 and there was no explanation as to how he went from 1876 to 1950!

4. The Montauk Project Conspiracy

10 INTERESTING INCIDENTS THAT SIGNIFY TELEPORTING EXISTSThe Montauk Air Force Station is said to have an interdimensional tunnel in its subterranean laboratory that allowed scientists to travel back to 1943.  This Idea has been spread by two men, the author Preston B. Nichols and Al Bielek in the 1980s, when they had began to “recover repressed memories of working in the lab”.

What purpose could the Air Force have going back to 1943?

5. Spot The Time Traveling Hipster

10 INTERESTING INCIDENTS THAT SIGNIFY TELEPORTING EXISTSA photograph from 1941 taken during the South Fork Bridge reopening in Gold Bridge, Canada appears to show a time traveler.  It has claimed that his clothing, sunglasses, and logo printed T-shirt are very modern and he is holding a portable camera.

None of these things existed in the 1940s. People have nick-named him the ‘Time Traveling Hipster’.  I would love to find out if there is any proof that this isn’t photoshopped.

6. The Philadelphia Experiment, 1943

10 INTERESTING INCIDENTS THAT SIGNIFY TELEPORTING EXISTSThe Philadelphia Experiment is a naval military experiment that is said to have been carried out by the U.S. Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sometime around October 28, 1943.

It is said that the U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge was to be rendered invisible to enemy devices and teleported from Pennsylvania to Virginia.  Some reports allege that the warship travelled back in time for about 10 seconds.

In this example it also shows how teleportation and time travel can go wrong because the crew ended up tragically reappearing in the walls of the ship and many of them are said to have not survived the trip.

7. Sir Victor Goddard Flight to Future

10 INTERESTING INCIDENTS THAT SIGNIFY TELEPORTING EXISTSIn 1935 Sir Victor Goddard, a British Royal Air Force officer, was flying his plane over an abandoned airfield at Drem, Edinburgh.  During his returning journey over the Drem airfield, he was shocked when he looked down to see the airfield had beencompletely renovated and was now in use by mechanics in blue overalls and occupied by four yellow planes parked on the runway.

Four years later in 1939, The Royal Air Force began to paint their planes yellow and the mechanics uniforms were switched to blue.  Was this a premonition, interdimensional shift or jump into the future?

8. Evidence of time travel in Chinese tomb?

10 INTERESTING INCIDENTS THAT SIGNIFY TELEPORTING EXISTSIn December 2008, Chinese archaeologists removed the opening of a giant coffin in the Si Qing tomb located in Shangsi County, which they strongly believed to be an undisturbed for 400 years.

As they removed the area around the coffin, however, they were shocked and amazed to find a small piece of metal shaped like a watch, with the time frozen at 10:06.  Also the word “Swiss” was engraved on the back.

If the tomb was truly undisturbed for 400 years, why was there a modern artifact? Perhaps it was dropped by a time traveler?

9. The Moberly–Jourdain Incident

10 INTERESTING INCIDENTS THAT SIGNIFY TELEPORTING EXISTSIn 1901 two women claim that they traveled back into time.  While they were visiting a small chateau in versailles they say they suddenly found themselves in the time of the french revolution.  They saw many famous people from that time including Marie Antoinette and the Comte de Vaudreuil.

10. The Vanishing Hotel

10 INTERESTING INCIDENTS THAT SIGNIFY TELEPORTING EXISTSIn 1979 two couples were traveling through France on their way to Spain stayed over night at an old fashioned looking hotel.  After their stay they were unable to find the hotel and the pictures they took while they were staying at the hotel also never developed.   Could they have jumped to an alternate reality?



credits to: spirit science

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