10 Things You Should Never Have To Apologize For

10 Things You Should Never Have To Apologize For

If you’re honest with yourself, then you know that not everyone in your life will support every decision you make. People will judge you. It’s inevitable. But that doesn’t mean you have to apologize for making a decision they don’t agree with.

Bringing yourself down by apologizing for things you aren’t sorry for only takes away a part of who you are. It’s worth making a point to be honest with others. Start by not apologizing for these 10 things.


1. Your Past

Do you have a friend or family member who always brings up the same instance over and over? And it’s something that happened 10 years ago? Do they still use it to manipulate you?

Your past is just that. It’s your past.

Everyone makes foolish mistakes. We were all dumb teenagers once. But as long as it’s not part of who you are today and you’ve forgiven yourself for your mistakes, it shouldn’t be on your list of things to apologize for.


2. Your Sexual Preferences

Do you like girls or guys? Both? Do you enjoy having sex with multiple partners? Do you not like sex at all?

Your sexual preferences are your sexual preferences. Just like you would never apologize for liking the color green when your best friend likes the color blue, you shouldn’t have to say sorry for what you do and don’t like when it comes to sex.

Truth be told, no one else should care. It’s frankly none of their business. But unfortunately, people will care if your preferences don’t comply with mainstream ideas. As long as all of your actions are consensual, what you do in private should stay in private, but even if it does get out, you shouldn’t have to say sorry.


3. Standing Up for What You Believe In

Have people ever made you feel guilty for standing up for your values and beliefs? Unfortunately, our parents, friends, and even strangers are good at doing that if our beliefs don’t coincide with theirs.

But instead of taking a step back and apologizing for standing up for yourself, take this as an opportunity to stand up for yourself once again.

This type of assertiveness can empower you and boost your confidence.


4. Giving Your Honest Opinion

Let’s say your friend asks if her hair looks bad, insisting that you tell her what you honestly think. You say, yes, it does look bad. Only she gets mad and blows up in your face, saying that you’ve hurt her feelings.

Sound familiar?

Your first instinct is to probably console her, say you’re sorry, and tell her that it doesn’t look that bad. But you shouldn’t have to do that, especially when she has asked you to be honest.

Honesty has been linked to better health, says the American Psychological Association. You shouldn’t have to take back your opinions, nor should you apologize for them. It’s only in the best interest of your well-being.


5. Expressing Your Emotions

Has anyone called you a “baby” for crying or a crazy person for expressing your joy and excitement? Then what do you do? Apologize for sharing? The situation is all too familiar.

But expressing your emotions is a healthy behavior, and it’s not something you should practice concealing. In fact, expressing your emotions—even in just a journal—has been shown to make you happier since it helps you cope with life better.


6. Deleting Friends on Facebook

Let’s be honest: Not all your Facebook friends are your true friends. Deleting people who harass you, are gossips, or are just plain annoying is an act for your own well-being.

Do you have to justify this action? No. Do you have to apologize for it? Definitely not.


7. Spending Time with People Who Make You Happy

Do you have friends—or perhaps parents—who hate the people you hang out with? They don’t just tease you for your choice in friends or a significant other. They actually belittle you about it.

But it’s not their choice.

Does this person make you happy? Do you enjoy being around him or her?

You should never have to apologize for doing something that makes you happy, including hanging out with someone others might not approve of.


8. Forgiving Someone

Have you ever forgiven someone only for your friends to wonder why you did so? They still wanted to kick the perpetrator’s butt while you were content with letting the situation go.

Forgiveness is another one of those things that can improve your mental well-being, so it’s not worth apologizing for forgiving someone.


9. Being YOU

Are you kind of weird? Sometimes nerdy? Perhaps a bit too opinionated?

And do you like yourself for it?

Then that’s the only justification you need to continue being who you are. If other people can’t handle it, that’s their problem. You shouldn’t say sorry for preferences or actions that define who you are as a person—as long as you know you like that person.


10. Following Your Dreams

This is sadly one thing too many people apologize for. Do you dream about writing a best-seller? What about becoming a famous dancer? Or maybe you dream simply of having kids someday.

All of these dreams take preparation, but unfortunately no matter what dream you pursue, you’ll get scrutinized by someone. Have you heard your parents criticize your career choice? Do your friends laugh at your efforts to pursue your talents? Not once should the words “I’m sorry” come out of your lips. Instead, you should be saying, “I’m proud of myself for following my dreams.”


So, why apologize for when you’re not actually sorry? 



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