11 Most Insane Parts of TAYLOR SWIFT’S “BLANK SPACE”

Taylor Swift, "Blank Space"

“Blank Space” is one of 2014’s catchy songs on the mostly chilled-out “1989,” Tsys juggernaut new album that went platinum within a single week of its release. (No other album has gone platinum this year period, for the record.) The singer dropped a surprise new video for the track this morning presumably because we stopped talking about her for 0.5 seconds. The result? A parody on her “crazy ex-girlfriend” persona that is at points funny but is mostly too contrived. She’s trying to mock herself playfully but doesn’t manage to showcase anything but “Fatal Attraction” play-acting. It’s not crazy. It’s just silly.

The video was directed by Lady Gaga hater Joseph Kahn, because it’s fantastically entertaining, Blank Space hit over 300 million views on YouTube. As she portrays herself satirically as the crazy girl everyone thinks she is – date a guy, things go wrong, she goes very crazy, and moves on to the next one.

However, there were quite a few discreet yet insane parts of the video, you guys might not noticed.

So without any further rants, here are the 11 Most Insane Parts of TAYLOR SWIFT’S “BLANK SPACE”.
1. She’s a better actor than her costar.

2. What could be CRAZIER than SMEARED MASCARA and an ANIMAL PRINT?


3. It’s 2014 and Taylor Swift is still pretending to live in a fairytale. (Snow White and the Poisonous Apple)


4. This CGI animation of a headlight breaking is hilariously bad. Is this secretly a Vertical Horizon video from 2000?


5. She thinks it is acceptable to borrow drama from “Gone With the Wind.” No, Taylor.


6. Or worse, “Mean Girls.” As she even cuts holes in Sean’s shirt, possibly because she wanted to try out a fashion trend that happened ten years ago at North Shore High School. She cuts shreds in another of his shirt,  and proceeds to a funnier gesture on #8!



7. She’s taking out her anger on cake. When you’ve moved past devouring cake in anger to stabbing cake in anger, you have a problem with no cure. 


8. It’s not enough for Taylor to rip up her man’s clothes and throw them out of a window. She has to set them on fire before she throws them. Insanely, insane!


9. The most relatable character in this video is this horse, who seems to be thinking, “Trying too hard.”


10. Second crazy stunt. Her endless-tree-carving-of-love! Just like that of Avril Lavigne’s Music Video!


11. To top it off. At her “craziest,” Taylor Swift just gives us an average Pink video.



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