2014’s TOP 20 Misheard Song Lyrics

Catch 2014’s Most Common Misheard Lyrics All In One Video!

Did you know that Taylor Swift isn’t actually singing about Starbucks lovers in her music video?


Sorry kids, but you might not wanna hear this!

Today’s, Buzzfeed joined our juvenile ranks and gave us cheap thrills for days  in the form of,  MISHEARD LYRICS. These are quite stupid but for some reason Misheard Lyrics music videos cater to that childish part of you that hears everything phonetically.

Anyway, collecting 2014’s most well-loved internet trends of all time, these are the funniest misheard lyrics music videos on the internet.  As a service to the music industry, YouTuber’s Pleated Jeans created a mash-up of this year’s funniest misheard lyrics, and in turn, has made us reconsider everything we know about our favorite pop songs — as well as giving us a damn good laugh! So, aren’t you excited of what 2015’s Music Industry might bring? I bet ya’do!

Just some hits to look back to.

Warning: This video contains language that may be considered obscene and offensive to some people. Parental Guidance may apply.



  • TskTskTsk

    My songs know what u did in the dark by fall out boy . the intro sounds like ham chicken ham ham chicken ham ham banana … lol

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