3 Bizarre Toenail Horns Grow At This Woman’s Foot

A pensioner has been left in agony after three bizarre toenail-like ‘horns’ sprouted at the sole of her foot and continued to grow.

3 Bizarre Toenail Horns Grow At This Woman's FootThe unidentified woman’s family say she is in terrible pain and cannot sleep nor even walk.

Nobody knows what it is. It looks like three toenails growing on the sole of her foot. It started a few years ago and has just got worse and worse. We believe it was caused after a small piece of metal pierced her foot and remained inside, causing this bizarre condition,’ as what her son told the local media in Saudi Arabia.

The woman, from the town of Wadi Al Dawasir in central Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh Province, has reportedly been to several hospitals and clinics. However, her son claims that none of the doctors have been able to explain what she is suffering from. Her desperate family are appealing for somebody to try and identify the bizarre condition and to operate as soon as possible so that she can start walking again.

We call on health authorities to provide treatment for my mother who cannot sleep at night due to the pain, never mind walk properly.”

However, according to reports, one medical expert said that the woman appeared to have a condition called cutaneous horns. These are hard conical projections from the skin, made of compact keratin – the same tough protein found in fingernails and skin.3 Bizarre Toenail Horns Grow At This Woman's FootCutaneous horns are so named as they resemble an animal’s horn. Consultant podiatrist, Michael O’Neill of the College of Podiatry said, these could have been caused a reaction to a foreign body, such as the piece of metal the woman’s son mentioned.

Treatment for this could be through clipping, or plastic surgery. But he cautioned the growths ‘could also turn out to be a nasty skin carcinoma [cancer] of some type’. In this regard, this would need to be confirmed with a biopsy before treatment begins.

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