5 Amazing Ways To Put A Candle Out

All of us know how to blow a candle out, of course, but do you know how to blow it on a unique, scientifically way? There are certainly a complete pile of tests you certainly can do having a candle to exhibit off the ability of liquid dynamics and, yes with nitrogen, as Physics Girl shows us her latest video. So, here are the four techniques you can try at home.

5 Amazing Ways To Put A Candle Out

Let us begin with the simple candle-blowing method – a copper coil. You’ll assume that when you simply place a copper coil just over the flame and it’ll just go out, right? But, uh uh, the moment you raise the coil, the flame’s still there.

What exactly is happening here? As Diana describes, the coil’s structure enables you to rob the fire of a little bit of oxygen and heat – a couple of things it requires to remain alight – although not really enough to place out the flame.

5 Amazing Ways To Put A Candle Out
So far so good, moving on, have you ever attempted to blow a candle behind an obstacle like a glass or a box? As you can see in the video, depending on the shape of the object blocking the candle, the flow of air changes significantly, and it may or may not affect the candle. It is all because of fluid dynamics, which we highly recommend to try it yourself.

But things get truly fascinating when Diana begins to play with dry ice, which looks super awesome when it is poured over the candle to put it out. But although you do not have access to dry ice, you can safely try this at home cby making your own carbon dioxide out of baking soda, vinegar and two glasses.

We don’t like to spoil you on what’s going to happen next, but let us simply say that it appears like you’re amazingly extinguishing a fire out of a great deal of nothing. Sounds like a new party technique, eh?

Check out the video below and find out what goes on when you put a candle out with nitrogen. And don’t forget to wear protective gears (gloves and goggles) the moment you try these stuffs at home!

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