5 Chilling Last Phone Calls Of Victims Ever Recorded

These are the final minutes of the victims in agony perpetuated on an audio recording that might haunt you in your sleep.

5 Chilling Last Phone Calls Of Victims Ever Recorded[Warning! This page contains graphic images, videos and content that viewers might find disturbing. The content is not suitable for people under the age of 18.]

1. A 6 year old girl who witnessd her mother’s death

Around 3:30 pm, December 25. A young girl calls to 911 to report a man is assaulting her mother. On the phone, she is witnessing the butchering of her mother with a knife by her boyfriend.

The girl was traumatized and tormented.

2. Woman named Ruth murdered while on the phone

While no one can find the original source of the call, it’s believed to be real.

3. The Said sisters killed by their father for having a boyfriend

Amina and Sarah Said were killed by their father on New Years day 2008 for having boyfriends. Yaser Abdel Said, an Irving Texas cab driver, is alleged to have shot to death his two teenage daughters, Sarah, age 17, and Amina, age 18, to death. The FBI said the murder was an honor killing.

4. Columbine High School Massacre

The audio is hard to understand and not very clear, but you can hear Valeen Schnurr (a student who survived) screaming for her life while Lauren Townsend is being murdered.

5. A final phone call during the tragic 9/11 while the tower collapses

The man on the phone is Kevin Cosgrove, an American business executive in the insurance industry, desperately seeking for help and support while being trapped in the South Tower/WTC 2 (105th floor).

Last phone call and final moments which ended with him crying out from inside the South Tower as it collapsed. May he rest in peace.



  • zen-sama

    those screams will forever haunt my soul

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