6 Epic Coke And Mentos Experiment That Will Surely AMAZE You!

People all over the globe tried the Coke and Mentos experiment, right? But, for those of you who grew up believing the myth that consuming a Mentos candy with Diet Coke will make your stomach explode.

Better watch the compilation of the 6 EPIC coke and mentos experiment that will surely AMAZE you!


6. Mexico Sets World Record for Mentos and Coke Explosion

Mexico City became the Guinness World Record holder for the largest number of simultaneously erupting “Mentos geysers.”

The experiment involved dropping Mentos candies into 2-liter bottles of soda, which causes the liquid to shoot up to two meters into the air. With its 2,433 Mentos and soda geysers, Mexico beat China (that country held a similar experiment in June 2010, but reached only 2,175.

China held a similar experiment two months before but reached only 2,175.

6 Epic Coke And Mentos Experiment That Will Surely AMAZE You!

5. Scientists Create a Spectacular Mentos Soda Fountain

In order to celebrate the start of the Easter season 2011 at the Alton Towers Resort in the UK, educational group Mad Science took hundreds of bottles of carbonated beverages, mixed them with hundreds of Mentos, and watched the resulting carbonated fountain of colors.

They also put food coloring in the soda to give it more of a traditional Easter coloring. (If you want to skip straight to the good stuff, jump to about 2:45 in the video).

Very COLORFUL, indeed!

6 Epic Coke And Mentos Experiment That Will Surely AMAZE You!


4. Woman On A Mentos Bikini in a Diet Coke Bath, Yielding A Disappointing Result

Aimee Davison decided to get in on the Mentos/Coke craze –  and by “craze” we mean trying her own little candy/soda experiment.

Apparently there is a wrong way to put Mentos all over your body and get into a pool of Diet Coke. Davison made a Mentos-bikini (which is surely a DYI project pinned on Pinterest by now), poured $40 worth of Diet Coke into her tub, and got right in.

Sadly, Davison placed too much emphasis on the exposure of flesh, and not enough on getting the desired fizz down pat. The whole thing ends up being a video of Davison sitting in a bath of Coke.

6 Epic Coke And Mentos Experiment That Will Surely AMAZE You!


3. A Man Covers Himself with Mentos and Jumps into Tub of Coke

This “not-so” lunatic, certainly has an odd sense of enjoyment. Hajime, a YouTube user from Japan,filled up his bathtub with 50 gallons of Coke Zero, then taped dozens of Mentos to his body and jumped right in. The concoction bubbles furiously as he lathers his body in the fizzing liquid.

6 Epic Coke And Mentos Experiment That Will Surely AMAZE You!


2. A Car Powered By 108 Bottles of Coke And 608 Mentos

What would happen if you worked on 108 bottles of Coke and 608 Mentos?

Well, well, well.. Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz decided to give it a shot.

Their Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car uses a piston mechanism – a six-foot long rod sits inside a six-foot long tube attached to each bottle of Coke Zero. When the Mentos drop into the soda, the pressure tries to push the rod out of the tube. With 108 rods all pushing at once, that gives it a lot of power. All that power is pushing against a wall braced with 3,600 pounds of cement blocks. So, all the force is directed into moving the Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car forward. They get one big six foot push, and it’s all coasting from there.

6 Epic Coke And Mentos Experiment That Will Surely AMAZE You!


1. Man Wearing a Suit Made of Mentos is Dumped Into a Pool of Diet Coke

What happens when you dress a grown man from head to toe in Mentos and drop him into a giant vat of Diet Coke? This group of Canadian pranksters couldn’t wait to find out after spending hours painstakingly creating a
“Mentos suit” and stocking up on Coke.

The stunt, created by makers of YouTube channel Epic Meal Time to promote their upcoming TV show, begins with an apparently willing participant in the “Mentos suit” smiling nervously for the camera before donning a scuba mask and snorkel. He is next seen perching precariously on a chair balanced above a tank of dark liquid. Suddenly, a tennis ball flies into shot and hits a switch, sending him into the drink with explosive effect. A powerful reaction ensues as foam shoots in all directions. The fate of the testee remains unclear, as he is seen thrashing about in the sugary liquid before the video abruptly ends.

6 Epic Coke And Mentos Experiment That Will Surely AMAZE You!In case you are wondering why Coke Zero and Mentos are a lethal combination, here’s a short explanation.

According to the folks at Eepy Bird, the pressure is caused by nucleation, which is not a chemical, but a physical, reaction.

The carbon dioxide that helps create the fizz in colas is always looking to escape, and is drawn to tiny bumps –or nucleation sites – to which the gas attaches and starts forming bubbles. Mentos provides the perfect nucleation site thanks to its 40 microscopic layers of liquid sugar that result in thousands of bumps. It is, therefore, not surprising that when the two combine in large quantities, miracles happen!


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