A Guy Who Spent 10 Years In A Cave Doing Magnificent Art

Artist Ra Paulette and his dog have spent the last 10 years working in complete isolation from the outside world everyday, walking into New Mexico’s desert to work on a project that will leave you speechless.

Yes, SPEECHLESS! It’ll definitely make your mouth drop!

Paulette spends his days inside a sandstone cave that he discovered in the desert, intricately carving patterns and designs into its walls. Only accompanied by his dog the artist has created a cave in which each cavern is textured and designed differently.


This is the location that houses his masterpiece.



Wait until you enter the gigantic cave. The walls look like this!

Man and His Dog Spend 10 Years Carving a Giant Cave


Gifted hands indeed!



Without anyone but his dog for company.



Each section of the cave has very specific dimensions and textures.



The purpose of this gigantic artwork is to create an environment.



It will also serve as a venue  for artistic events that would inspire “spiritual renewal and personal well being” once it’s finished.




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