A HILARIOUS Wrangle Between A Kitten and A Remote-Controlled Giant Tarantula

Kitten vs. Spider — who will win?!

Having a pet kitten inside the house, chasing each direction you go, leaving a trail of their muddy and stainy claws on your spotless floor and leaving their cat litter everywhere is a total pain for germophobes and meticulous people. What a tether? Don’t you think? We sure guess so!

One pet owner decided to pull off a little prank onto his adorable fluffy kitten after realizing that he had had enough of cleaning the entire house.  So, for him to decrease the tether of cleaning over and over again, one day he brought home something that would scare the pants off of anyone, most especially that could scare off that fluffy mammal — a remote-controlled giant tarantula with furry legs and all! This eight-legged furry freak sure does disgust you off! Like, Ewwww!!! Can you even stand that?

Upon leaving the remote-controlled giant tarantula – without, of course, the kitten’s knowledge – on the floor, the kitten got so puzzled, curious and petrified, upon seeing the eight-legged creature. She went down hysterical, at first, when it moved towards her. However, this kitten stood up and wrangle with the toy tarantula.

With their less than 2 minute fight, the Miss Tiny Kitten was able to shake off the horror towards Mr. Spider. You can also say that, she wasn’t scared after all. Until, at the shot at the very end. These two have become best friends, and the kitty’s playful nature brought them together.

In the end,  the kitten was victorious in this playful attack of the giant spider.


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