A Huge Woman Shocks Everyone With Her Pole Dancing Skills

The negative social stigma of having a not-so-average body type conveys a very awful issue to those who are,of course, actually not-so-average body type. However, a woman entering the Lincolnshire pole dancing championships is proving that you don’t have to be thin to be a pole dancing queen. This huge woman shocks everyone with her pole dancing skills. As the 27-year-old, Emma Haslam swung around the pole in front of Britain’s Got Talent judges and crowd, leaving the viewers in awe.


Emma runs her own pole dancing school in Derby and is a mother of one. She taught herself to dance when she bought her own pole and some DVDs on pole dancing. She received all four stars from the judges on BGT.

I am taking part in the pole fitness championships in Skegness and it is my first competition. I have always wanted to take part in competitions but never had the time or the confidence to do it myself. I am a larger lady and people do expect skinny people but I am really looking forward to it. I haven’t always been a larger lady, but I had my daughter three years ago. I don’t think I will win it as I know all the girls there and know what to expect.” Emma added.

The moment the music starts and when Emma hits the pole, the crowd’s jaws drop. With a confidence that comes across in every body motion, she shows off some pretty amazing acrobatics, winning the crowd over with a series of precisely executed poise. By the end, it’s quite clear that this woman was born to do something incredible, something like this. 
“No matter what your age, shape or size you can learn to pole dance – there are no restrictions.”




Apparently, there are a lot of people are much more impressed by fat people who are comfortable in themselves than people who have stayed thin. (Hmmm…Which we couldn’t disagree less.)

And because of this,Emma is, as Amanda describes:



For the body-figure-conscious out there, this video will change your mind on dieting!


In a nutshell,the lesson we would get from her,  is the inspiring grace with which she handled her moment in the somewhat-unkind spotlight and despite of these, we can all take note of yet more proof that being “fit” comes in infinite shapes and sizes.




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