A Toddler Who Tried To Teach Her Dog On How To Do The Hula Hoop Will Melt Your Hearts Out

Wanna hear something cute? Check out the cute viral video below. This has to be one of the cutest lessons you’ll ever see!

Cuteness Overload: An adorable toddler who tried to teach her dog on how to do the hula hoop.

Her attempt was futile, yet incredibly adorable.

“I’m going to tell you how it works, okay?”

A sweet toddler by the name of Sierra, is a little bit more ambitious than we are, in a cute way, though.  This little girl has the makings of a great hula hoop teacher. Her student, though, is her giant “puppy”. Sierra tries to teach her dog, a Newfoundland, how to play the hula hoop.

She begins the lesson by passing out hula hoops – one for her and one for her “student”. After resting the hula hoop around the dog, she shows the dog her technique and then encourages him to give it a try.

“It’s fun,” she assures her student. “It’s really fun.”

She then gives a demonstration of how it works, showing off her technique. She asks her student earnestly, “Do you think you can do that?”

Her dog might never get the hang of it due to the fact that hula hoop is too big for the dog but she didn’t seem to mind. Although, she wasn’t successful with her cute stunt, Sierra showers the her pet with kind words and praises for doing his best which is why this sweet hula hooping video is your “Cuddly Break” for today.

When the dog licks her small hand, doesn’t it make you want to go, “Awww…”




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