A Very Sensible Clip That Touches Your Inner Self


All of us human beings are created unique and beautiful individuals. We’ve been bestowed with power and intellect in order to inspire other human beings. Other than that, God has equally given us the capacity to thrive in this complicated world, however, in our tendencies to keep at pace of the world, we forget the fact that we are created with such goodness.

This Short Film Entitled “The Black Hole” is a Powerful Video That Reminds Us to Be Contented, Learn To Be Happy and To Limit Oneself. This EFL lesson is designed around an award-winning comedy short film directed by Philip Sansom and Olly Williams, and the themes of black holes, money and greed.

“The Black Hole” is one of the most inspiring short film ever portrayed in history. This is a very sensible clip that touches your inner self, where it features a man who was given a chance to do or get everything he wanted with the help of a black hole imprinted on a piece of paper that opened hidden doors of opportunity for him.

This depicts the greediness of man and that he never gets contented of what has given to him by God. The video also talks about how money can be influential as it ruins ones professionalism. Hence, we can tell that, MONEY IS EVIL.

Watch the video and discover the lessons you can get afterwards.

As an after thought, the primary lesson “The Black Hole”, tells us, to be contented on what he have. Although, doing such does not limit us to aim higher, yet we should remember where we were, in the first place and most of all, we should not take things for granted just like on what the man in the video have done.


-He who is contented, is RICH.    – Lao Tzu


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