Australian Man Ate Nothing But Potatoes To Lose Weight

Eager to stop his binge diet plan, a guy from Australia is making himself alive with only eating potatoes for one year. He currently claim that the tater diet has assisted him to shed a massive 10kg (22 pounds) in just a span of 30 days. Inspired from the outcomes, he decided to continue to continue his diet regime of eating potatoes throughout the year.

Australian Man Ate Nothing But Potatoes To Lose Weight

The 36 year old, Andrew Taylor, weighed a colossal of 151 kg (332 pounds) on January 1, when he chose to do something positive about it.

I desired to alter the way I thought about food so it won’t control my life. When you’ve got substance addiction, be it alcohol or drugs, the best thing you can certainly do is to stop taking such. But you can’t do this with food. And so I thought, what can I do? Maybe I will select one type of food.”

So, Taylor ended up choosing potatoes.

Therefore for the previous month, he did all the things which are impossible to do with potatoes. He boiled, baked and steamed them. He even attempted on cooking peculiar dishes like potato pancakes. By doing this, Taylor claims that he gets 99% of his daily required calorie intake from potatoes, and the remaining 1% from seasoning. Whenever he’s hungry, there’s always a carry-on potatoes with him to snack on.

Australian Man Ate Nothing But Potatoes To Lose Weight
Taylor thinks that eating potatoes has helped him recover from his bad eating habits. Diet specialists, on the other hand, disagree with Taylor’s extreme potato diet even if potato is a nutritious root crop.

Having stated that, it’s difficult for Mr Taylor to obtain all of the nutrients he needs to maintain his fitness and health only from potatoes. His diet is going to be deficient from other nutrients like protein, calcium and fatty acids. What this test shows is the fact that potatoes may be part of a weight loss program – but consuming a healthier method to slim down or one which I’d recommend,” said nutritionist Fiona Hunter.

Australian Man Ate Nothing But Potatoes To Lose Weight
There’s also a chance that Taylor could easily get tired and bored of eating the same thing every meal of everyday that might relapse in a couple of months. A spokesperson named Charlene Grosse from the Dieticians Association of Australia named his diet a “bandaid solution,” telling that carbohydrates are not a good source of protein.

To be able to alter your attitude when it comes to your eating habits, you need to seek assistance and support from health professionals because if someone has an addiction, you can’t just turn it off by switching into one food,” explained Grosse.

Even though the test did worked well for him so far, Taylor doesn’t suggest his “potato diet” to anyone. “I’ve got nothing to market and it’s me experimenting for myself to see if I can be able to help myself through this.”

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