Baboon’s Feet Ate By Fellow Baboon

A terrible picture of an African Baboon whose limbs were eaten by his fellow caged primates in Zagazig Zoo, Egypt went viral on social media. The other caged primates seemed to be hungry whilst others considered this surprising work of cannibalism to be able to survive even though some have died.

Could this be an act of cannibalism?

Baboon's Feet Ate By Fellow Baboon

Based on the Cairo Post, eye witnesses have charged of declining to supply the creatures with unless the zoo employees are provided with cash first. The zoo’s director refused the reviews, declaring the 17-year old baboon was hurt after he went on an aggressive rampage after his female partner started spending time with their new born baby.

The zoo has separated the baboon that was hurt following the event, stating that it’s for the baby’s safety. Up to now, it seems to survived the incident, but its lymph glands are becoming swollen, recommending that it might be battling with some kind of contamination/infection.

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