Beach-Goers Shocked After Seeing A 2-Ton Sea Monster

Can you dare imagine the bewildered faces of the Filipinos when this 2-ton gigantic shark washed ashore at the resort and fishing town of Barangay Marigondon Lapu-Lapu, Cebu City? 

Oh, I guess not!Beach-Goers Shocked After Seeing A 2-Ton Sea Monster

Vacationers and holiday-goers have witnessed this bizarre and enormous sea beast after it had been caught in fishermen’s net just right in the shallow waters close to the shoreline.

This rare shark usually inhabits under the deep dark ocean which is rarely seen by anyone, in fact there has been significantly less than 70 sightings of this shark.

Beach-Goers Shocked After Seeing A 2-Ton Sea Monster

This shark is actually quite harmless. It does not even have full size teeth as it feeds on plankton along with other little sea-creatures. But with its scary, monster-like structure, it is very much obvious why swimmers would get shocked and scared at the same time just by the site of it from a distance (how much more if it gets close to you).

This extremely rare species that was only discovered in 1976 could even grow up to 17 feet long. Researchers claim that it can live to more than 100 years.

Beach-Goers Shocked After Seeing A 2-Ton Sea Monster

The exact caused of the death of this shark is still unknown. Its body has been donated to the Philippine Department of Fisheries who hope to find out what the cause of this particular shark’s demise and also to study about its shocking existence.

With creatures as huge as this, this can only mean that there are still existing bizarre sea monsters in the depths of the ocean that are yet to be discovered.

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