BREAKING NEWS: Bacterial Contamination Is Rampant On Ground Beef

Consumer Reports have discovered bacterial contamination in ground beef across the country. They have tested a whopping 300 packages of ground beef and found E. coli or other bacteria “consistent with fecal contamination” in every single one.

BREAKING NEWS: Bacterial Contamination Is Rampant On Ground BeefAmong conventionally raised beef, nearly 1 in 5 (18%) of the samples contained at bacteria that are resistant to at least two antibiotics. That’s double the rate of drug resistant pathogens found in more sustainably produced beef. When you look at beef that is just grass-fed, that drops again to only 6%.

According to, Urvashi Rangan, Ph.D., executive director of the Center for Food Safety and Sustainability at Consumer Reports.

Better ways of producing beef from farm to fork have real impact on the health and safety of our food and the animals themselves. Farming animals without antibiotics is the first step toward a more sustainable system. Grass-fed animals and good welfare practices produce fewer public health risks.”

BREAKING NEWS: Bacterial Contamination Is Rampant On Ground BeefConsumer Reports is calling on the FDA and the USDA to ban the daily use of antibiotics in healthy farm animals; ensure that meaningful labels does not undermined labels like “natural” which have nothing to do with how animals are raised or what they ate.

USDA inspection practices, including having an inspector at every slaughter and processing plant, ban the sale of beef containing disease-causing, antibiotic-resistant salmonella, and prohibit the presence of chicken waste in cattle feed.

According to NBC News , the report found less bacteria in grass-fed and antibiotic-free beef compared to “conventionally raised cattle” – cattle given antibiotics and fattened on feed lots.

So, in order to kill bacteria and reduce the chance for illness, it is recommended that you cook beef to 160 degrees.


via NBC News

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