BREAKING NEWS: Japanese Company Builds Candy-Powered Rocket

Since mankind has already walked on the moon, cloned a sheep and 3D printed cars from desktop computers, what other scientific feats could we possibly want to achieve?

A Japanese sweets maker company, UHA Mikakuto, recently launched a small rocket fueled by its own tasty treats that reached a height of over 800 feet (248 meters). 

BREAKING NEWS: Japanese Company Builds Candy-Powered RocketAccording to Kotaku, 

Experts from various labs and universities came together to engineer the rocket to run on 20 Puccho soft candies and to help give it that sugary flare, a couple of pipes pumped bright pink smoke into the air.

The rocket was successfully launched last week with a puff of pink smoke in front of a crowd of eager children. It reached an altitude of 813 feet before parachuting back to earth.

BREAKING NEWS: Japanese Company Builds Candy-Powered RocketIn the video you are about to see, UHA put a lot of planning into their “Candy Rocket Project,” carefully designing a small rocket that could handle the candy fuel. The project’s website details how Candy Rocket Project began 2 years ago and involved a whole team of people.

So, forget solar or wind power, candies are clearly the fuel of the future.


via Pixable

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