Can I Get Pregnant From Pre-ejaculation?

If you’re sexually-active, you may have asked yourself this once or twice: Can I get pregnant from pre-ejaculation? To answer this concern, you have to know what pre-ejaculation is and what’s it for.

Can I Get Pregnant From Pre-ejaculation?Pre-semen also called pre-ejaculatory fluid or preseminal fluid is a fluid that’s produced by the Cowper’s glands, two tiny glands found over the male reproductive/urinary system. The fluid is clear and generally obvious at the tip of the penis during an erection, although this isn’t the event for many guys. The purpose of the fluid is always to help neutralize the acidic atmosphere of the uretha, and to supply protection to the sperm’s journey.

Pre-seminal fluid does not contain any sperm, which simply means that the fluid itself cannot make you get pregnant. Nevertheless, if the sperm is left behind in the urethra from the past climax, it may come in contact with the fluid. The excess sperm comes forth to the tip of the penis during excitement, maybe creating some sperm to be transported in this liquid, and into the partner’s body.

Can I Get Pregnant From Pre-ejaculation?

That is where pre-ejaculate and unprotected vaginal sex can result in pregnancy.

After the sperm in pre-climax enters the vagina, it could fertilize the egg even though a man pulls out before ejaculation.

The potential for conceiving a child from precum is not significantly more of conceiving a child from semen compared to the chance, but it still might be feasible,” suggests Planned Parenthood.

A 2011 study observed that pre- ejaculatory samples might contain motile sperm. Out 27 male participants, 11 developed preseminal fluid with sperm. In 10 of these scenarios, a fair proportion of the sperm was motile.

Consequently condoms should continue being employed the moment sexual contact is made. We are not trying to moralize here but preventing unwanted pregnancy is far more better than aborting it for many reasons.


In a nutshell, can I get pregnant from pre-ejaculation? Yes, but seldom.

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