Check Out The 9 Most Amazing Things You Missed To Know About The Earth

Did you know that the world has many unknown stories that will make you think once more?

Yes it does! Check out the facts about Earth that will blow your mind.

Check Out The 9 Most Amazing Things You Missed To Know About The Earth1. Centrifugal force creates an outward pressure at Earth’s equator giving it a slight bulging shape.

2. On the equator, an object spins around Earth’s centre at 1000 miles per hour. At the poles, however, all objects are stationary and turn in a circle.

3. The rocks on the earth’s surface get recycled. Volcanoes ejects them out as magma, they dry, harden, and after a considerable amount of time, they either get sucked down again by plate tectonics or get pushed downwards towards Earth’s core by a fresh layer of rocks above.

4. The hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth’s surface was 136 degrees F or 57.8 degrees C in El Azizia, Libya in the year 1922.

5. The coldest spot was recorded at Antarctica’s Vostok station with a temperature fall of minus 128.6 degrees or minus 89.2 degrees C. Antarctica also contains about 70 percent of Earth’s fresh water and 90 percent of its ice.

Check Out The 9 Most Amazing Things You Missed To Know About The Earth6. Gravity is not distributed equally on Earth’s surface. Places like Hudson Bay in Canada have less gravity than other regions of the globe. This is due to the fact that there is less land mass on that part of the planet owing to retreating glaciers on the surface and swirling magma in the core.

7. Earth’s magnetic North Pole is moving northward at a rate of 10 miles per year.

8. Some scientists claim that the earth still has two moons. This is because of the fact that when an asteroid gets sucked into Earth’s orbit, it stays around for up to 9 months.

9. In Death Valley, rocks weighing hundreds of pounds slide across the desert floor, leaving trails of their path. Scientists believe wind and ice are behind this phenomenon.


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