Chinese Company Says MENSTRUATING Hens May Produce Bloody Egg

What would you do if you found out that one of your hens’ egg is bloody? Could you tell that one of your hens are menstruating? Or you just discovered something peculiar and worth the internet’s scoop.

Chinese Company Says MENSTRUATING Hens May Produce Bloody EggAccording to reports, a Chinese company claimed its hens were “menstruating” when a customer complained that the egg whites of its products were bloody red.

Shanghai Daily reported that, Bai, who hails from Qingdao in Shandong province, found one of the eggs she bought from a supermarket had egg white colored blood red.Chinese Company Says MENSTRUATING Hens May Produce Bloody EggThe consumer plagued with the sanguinary discovery told reporters that she found a “special” egg in a carton of eggs recently purchased from an ordinary supermarket in the locality. The brand of eggs is called “Insect Eggs,” named for the company’s process of feeding their chickens insects rather than feed.

When reporters questioned the factory, a spokesperson named Zhang replied,

If there’s only a few bad eggs, then we’re sure it’s a special case due to the mother hen menstruating.

However, what’s even more baffling yet funny was that, Bai was told by a staff at Rensun Company, an egg producer, that “the egg white looks bloody red because the hens were menstruating.”

9816c53c2399da755565c35b6531877c2175894b73c4ad0e44c142c6ae63e64bHowever, Ji Haifeng, a researcher of Beijing-based Agricultural University rejected the explanations, saying hens cannot menstruate. You don’t need to work on a farm to see the faults in that statement.

First of all, chickens do not have a uterus like human females do. Secondly, in the basic reproductive sense of the word, a chicken egg is a chicken’s menstruation — that is, the expulsion of an unfertilized “egg.” Lastly, if somehow the hen was bleeding while “manufacturing” this specific egg, it’s not plausible that it would end up inside the egg.

So what caused the color? According to, Haifeng the bloody red, egg white was caused by the hen’s inflamed fallopian tubes due to an E. Coli infection or it could be a result of feed problems while raising the hen. Hence, he warned citizens not to eat such eggs. 



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