Chinese Man Grew “Man Boobs” Due To Eating Too Much FRIED CHICKEN

Who doesn’t love eating those yummy fried chickens? People of the world, young and old, one just can’t simply resist the delicious taste of chicken meals that’s served on the table, right? (Unless you’re allergic to them.)

But what if your favorite fried chicken meal will actually cause you an unwanted change in your body? Would you still dare to eat those?

Chinese Man Grew "Man Boobs" Due To Eating Too Much FRIED CHICKENA Chinese man named, Li Chen, has grown “man boobs” due to eating fried chickens most of the time that contains growth hormones. The 26-year-old college graduate is a big fan of fast foods and was told by doctors to cut down his intake of fried chicken.

Chinese Man Grew "Man Boobs" Due To Eating Too Much FRIED CHICKENLi noticed that his breasts were getting larger over the years and grew ever more concerned. Yet, too shy, Li didn’t do anything about it until his breast grew so large that people started noticing. Visits to the swimming pool or the gym were now impossible, because strangers would stare, mock at him or talk behind his back.

Finally, Li mustered the courage to speak to a doctor in Wenzhou city, in East China’s Zhejiang Province. The doctors eventually diagnosed the problem and it was a hormonal imbalance caused by his love for takeaway chicken meals.

The doctors explained that Li’s “breast growth” was most probably brought about by eating too much of his beloved fast food, which contains hormones given to the chickens to expedite their growth. However, it is unknown what Li’s treatment will be, but doctors advised the victim to eat less fried chicken and add more fruit and vegetables to his diet.


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