Clash of Snake And Spider, Who Will Win?

A farmer from Weethalle, New South Wales named Patrick Lees, took a picture which exhibits a cellar spider, also called as daddy longlegs, munching on a brown snake (Pseudonaja textilis) that is caught in its web.

Clash of Snake And Spider, Who Will Win?

The snake was already lifeless from the moment Lees found it.

I can’t take his prize down; he earned it. It’s common here in Australia. I believed ‘someone will be considered a hero here’ but I wasn’t expecting it to be a daddy longlegs,” as Lees told The Daily Advertiser.

Lees uploaded this underdog victory (the clash of snake and spider) picture to his Facebook page, “The Aussie Farmer.”

Clash of Snake And Spider, Who Will Win?

This variety of cellar spiders are highly venomous even if they may not need to have those fearsome looks. Curatorof Arachnida and Myriapoda at the American Museum of Natural History, Lorenzo Prendini, informed Live Science that it’d be possible for this variety to kill a little vertebrate using only their venom.

Nevertheless, James Starrett – another spider specialist – said that it’s difficult to verify how the snake had ended up, trapped in the web, as he saw the picture of the clash between the snake and spider.

 Furthermore talking to Live Science, he explained: “I suppose it’s possible that the spider could hurt the snake with just a bite, however it may also be possible that the snake simply got twisted within the spider’s web and wore itself out as he tries to get free.”

So there you have it folks, snakes and spiders are not the best of friends. More so, it is actually good to know that the unofficial term, daddy longlegs, is used to describe different species of those eight-legged, creepy-crawlers that we must never belittle.

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