Don’t Ever Give Your Cat A SINGING Birthday Card, Because If You Would…This Might Happen!

Do you like receiving singing birthday cards? Yes? Of course you do! But not with this critter. She totally hate receiving one on her birthday!

So, if you’re planning to give her a present, maybe you should skip on giving a singing card. Give her FOOD instead!

Don’t Ever Give Your Cat A SINGING Birthday Card, Because If You Would...This Might Happen!

Meet Lulu – the cat. Lulu is an adorable feline that seemed to hate a singing birthday card! Yet, her owners don’t know why…

A singing birthday card featuring a chorus of cat voices meowing out the words to ‘Happy Birthday’ garnered a spectacular reaction from the ferocious feline.

Would you look at that! Maybe she’s annoyed by the sound it makes.


I guess this cat didn’t get to that point of reverence!

The time the card was open and the scratchy serenade begins, the birthday critter athletically leaps from across the room and attacks the gift, wrestling and clawing the card until the music thankfully stops. Until finally, she drags it out of the room to bury it forever.


 Check out how Lulu deals with the singing birthday card in the video below!


So next time, don’t ever give your cat a SINGING Birthday Card, because if you would…this might happen! 



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