Don’t go after the golf ball! You’ll be Terrified Why.


A lad from South Africa died after being eaten alive by a huge crocodile.  Officials said, the 29 year-old, Jacques van der Sandt was killed while he was collecting golf balls from a dam called Lake Panic at South Africa’s flagship wildlife reserve.

The said dam is situated next to a residential area just within the park boundaries, according to Kruger National Park officials.

It happened on a dark Wednesday night, when he was in its jaws and disappeared underwater along a golf course.


Van der Sandt was known as a golf buff, who grew up in the park where both his parents work. Being a famous golf enthusiast, his friend challenged him on a game to see who can recover more golf balls.

A police witness said that the 20 ft crocodile attacked Van der Sandt, while he was standing waist deep in the water and was reaching below the surface to feel for golf balls at the bottom of the dam.

After a two hour search the crocodile was found and killed. The victim’s dead body was recovered with teeth marks particularly on his chest and torso, but had no “mutilations,” according to the park’s spokesperson.



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