Eaten Alive! One Sick TV Show!

This deserves everybody’s attention!

Discovery Channel has been pushing a first ever thrilling program in the world of TV, media and websites called EATEN ALIVE aired in December 2014.

The program features the 27-year-old naturalist Paul Rosolie, who wore a “snake proof suit” and planned to live through getting swallowed by a 25-foot-long female anaconda.





Although, not actually being eaten, Rosolie certainly caught the media hype.

From his team’s journey of searching for the largest snake in the world in the brink of Peruvian Amazon jungle that took 60 days is extremely challenging as the real deal was to capture 25-foot-long female anaconda in the wild.

Unfortunately, the snake was afraid as it tried to escape deliberately when Rosolie first made contact with it. From this scenario, rather than making the decision to call the whole thing off, Rosolie decided to provoke the animal instead.

Anacondas of this size can easily eat a variety of large mammals such as jaguars, deer, and pigs, so swallowing a human wouldn’t display a problem.

Though Discovery went through great lengths to design a suit that would protect the man against the snake’s fangs, compression, and stomach acid, they appeared to overlook one tiny detail: Rosolie didn’t look at all like something a giant anaconda might want to eat. Indeed, when the crew finally found the chosen snake, it really wasn’t interested in trying to eat a human dressed up like a Tinman.


First, he slathered himself in pig blood to make him look savory to the predator. The trick worked, so the huge snake started to attack, bite and coiled up around him. In the process, the female anaconda latched onto his head in attempt to swallow him. However, even wearing his specially designed snake proof suit, as the snake squeezed him forcefully he called for rescue.



Following the experience the environmentalist said he was proud to take up the adventure and it was worth the goal, even though he could have died in his outrageous stunt.

“Everybody on Earth knows that the rainforests are disappearing and most people can tell you how important they are, but still, not enough people are paying attention, not enough people realize this is such a problem.” said Rosolie.

The whole crew announced the stand-in snake turned out to be too small to get the job done – as far as swallowing Paul Rosolie- but was still strong enough to rip his arm out of the socket.  He eventually discharge himself out from the snake’s coil when the pain became too much to bear.

The bottomline is that, the outstanding show was set up to raise awareness and money to protect the Amazon jungle and preserve giant anacondas.


Sorry for being mislead guys.


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