El Rodafonio’s Live Music on Wheels

You just have to see the Rodofanio in action to understand just how awesome it is!

Yeah, yeah! We are all GIFTED, however, not all of us are GIFTED with such unique skills and talent. Just like, the world renowned designer and musician César Alvarez Bayer is the man behind the spectacular El Rodafonio’s Live Music on Wheels. Bayer, created a gigantic wheel that’s four meters high and only 15 cm wide, like a huge waffle iron.

This is by far, the sickest musical contraption in the world!


 The wheel can accommodate a crew of five – the members of the Catalan music band ‘Factoria Circular’. Three musicians sit inside the wheel in their respective metal circles, playing their musical instruments – a guitar, a saxophone, and a set of drums – to various tunes, while occasionally spinning inside the giant wheel. The other two members are actors who pedal the wheel into motion, bringing the huge mechanical device to life.


 It is said that, the traveling street show is a fine collaboration of the principles of geometry and music. Never before have mathematical formulas and sheet music been combined to create such a mind-blowing spectacle that lights up carnivals and brings about a festive mood to any street.


 Man, if the performers were you, wouldn’t you get dizzy through out the exhibit?





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