“FAST FOOD” In Its Finest: This “PRAWN CANNON” Can Serve You Food In Three Seconds. You’ve Got To See How This Video Turns Out to be INSANE!

Be in AWE as Japan invents a more brilliant way of creating what seemed to be  a “fast food”.

You may think that Japan already has the most interesting inventions, but this one’s going to top the list for CLEVERNESS and marks a history in the World of Japanese Culinary.



Worry no more! This Prawn Cannon makes your dish in no time! It is basically a tube that shoots out food in high-fast-speed.  The video shows how (Ebi Fry)  fried breaded prawns can be prepared in three seconds by putting raw prawns into a “prawn cannon”, then shooting them through flour, egg mixture, breadcrumbs and flames before they land on the plate.


On the contrary, the video you might see maybe real as t there are NO computer graphics used in creating this footage but the Prawn Cannon device is not for sale. Japanese businessmen are trying to sell a  Japanese mobile phone operator NTT DOCOMO and is apparently promoting their new super fast LTE network.  Since NTT DOCOMO Inc., is the predominant mobile phone operator in Japan that will allows users to connect with anyone, or access on various contents at high speed from anywhere at anytime.


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