Father Found Dead Mouse In Loaf Of Bread

A shocked father had experienced the shock of his life when he found a dead mouse in a loaf of bread he was preparing to make sandwiches for his children.

Good thing he noticed it before he served the sandwich to his kids!

Father Found Dead Mouse In Loaf Of BreadStephen Forse said he had already used some of the bread when he noticed ‘a dark-coloured object embedded in the corner of three or four slices’. The 41-year-old from Kidlington in Oxfordshire initially thought it was just a hard spot where the dough had failed to mix.

Mr Forse bought the Hovis Best of Both from Tesco Online, through a branch in Bicester.

Father Found Dead Mouse In Loaf Of Bread

As I looked closer I saw that the object had fur on it,’ he said.

Not only that, his ordeal was made worse when an environmental health officer visited the family home to collect evidence – and identified that the mouse had lost its tail.

Her comments made me feel ill once again as there was no indication as to where the tail was,” said Mr Forse.

Father Found Dead Mouse In Loaf Of Bread

Had it fallen off prior to the bread being wrapped or had any of my family eaten it with another slice of bread on a previous day?”

Manufacturer Premier Foods was fined £5,500 and ordered to pay £11,109.47 in costs at Oxford Crown Court for failing to maintain acceptable standards at their site in Mitcham, south London.

Father Found Dead Mouse In Loaf Of BreadA spokesman for Premier Foods said:

We apologise profusely for the distress caused as a result of this isolated incident.”


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