Financial Instability Can Lead To Physical Pain

Money, as we all know, can cause a ton of stress, particularly during crisis. But a new study shows that these increased physical pain may be caused by financial worries. To put it simply, being financially unstable is literally hurting you.

Financial Instability Can Lead To Physical Pain
The concept of finding this was derived when researchers observed that more individuals complained of body discomforts during instances of sweeping financial uncertainty. They believed that the two trends were connected since financial stress can cause an individual to experience being out of control, which might trigger the psychological mechanisms that manage anxiety and fear.

Fundamentally, we currently understand financial risks in the same manner that people used to watch predators, and our bodies respond accordingly. These processes are also generally controlled by the same mechanisms that control our pain threshold, which may clarify the link.

Financial Instability Can Lead To Physical Pain

To be able to test their speculations, six various tests were performed by the research team for a couple of years. When they analyzed consumer information from 33, 720, the very first sign that told them they were on the right track was in 2008. Using this large sample, they discovered that people who were not employed used 20-percent MORE INCOME on over-the-counter painkillers than people that are financially secured.

Another online research had individuals think back to a period financial uncertainty and stability. The result? The group discovered that the participants nearly double the amount of discomfort throughout the unstable periods intervals.

Among the most conclusive studies was performed inside the laboratory, where the researchers had students to place their in ice water, then they let them imagine stable and unstable JOB markets for their future. By the end of the test, students could cope with the ice water longer when they think of being financially stable, that the group claims is definitely an indicator that our threshold of bodily discomfort can reinforce or weaken.

To conclude, our findings show that it actually physically affects us if we are not financially secure,” explained lead researcher from the University of Virginia, Eileen Chou.

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