He Just Squeezed Into Something For Valentine’s Day, The Result? PRICELESS!

Valentine’s Day is here again! The annual day of LOVE and everything underneath it! This day is usually celebrated where one can sit back with their loved ones, tell them how much they care, and eat yummy food together.

But the real question is, what are you planning to do for your significant other?

If you don’t already have something planned, it’s time to start thinking about it. Still don’t have any ideas? Well, how about making your loved one some awesome food!Breakfast for dinner, maybe? Everybody loves breakfast for dinner!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Seattle-based pancake artist Nathan Shields creates a series of super detailed filigree-style heart-shaped pancakes. As he takes his squeeze bottle of pancake batter to the hot pan to make something worth remembering!

He Just Squeezed Into Something For Valentine's Day, The Result? PRICELESS!

A low-calorie alternative to the big round kind, these decorative Valentine pancakes are easy on the eyes as well as the waistline. They’re admittedly less-filling.”

The technique looks pretty simple, but watching Shields actually create the pancakes is hypnotic and awesome. His hand is so quick and accurate that these pancakes just come out great.

The designs are beautiful and intricate, but some of them look totally doable. If they look a little too difficult for you, they should also provide some great inspiration for your own more simple heart pancakes.

He Just Squeezed Into Something For Valentine's Day, The Result? PRICELESS!

If you try this cooking experiment with your significant other, it could also make for some really fun, silly moments are made from good memories. And, who knows, maybe you’ll even get some delicious heart-shaped pancakes out of it!


Watch what this man just squeezed into something for Valentine’s Day, in the video below!

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