Here’s How 6,000 Matches Light Up At Once

Got an extra fifteen minutes and looking for a vaguely scientific way to fill them? This fascinating video of a whopping 6,000 matchsticks like raging dominoes smashing into fires should do the trick.

Here's How 6,000 Matches Light Up At Once

As the result of this small “experiment” isn’t specifically astonishing or innovative, it will give a helpful indication that occasionally it’s worth getting out sometime from advancing human understanding to merely view those matches to burn.

You start with the lighting of a single match, the video displays what sort of fire may spread over a compact arrangement of phosphorous-topped stays, creating a crescendo of pyromaniacal beauty before slowly dying out.

Here's How 6,000 Matches Light Up At Once

Safety matches have a stable, head of red phosphorous that will be so impossible to combust spontaneously and steady in the air. Nevertheless, when heated possibly by entering connection with a or by friction when striking a rough area, it becomes converted into white phosphorous, that will be flammable and extremely volatile.

Matches also include potassium chlorate, that were broken down by the heat produced from the fire to be able to release oxygen, permitting the fire to last and supplying something to burn.

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