Home Free’s Version Of “ALL ABOUT THAT BASS” Is The Quirkiest!

The all-male band called “Home Free” of Minnesota, is the season 4 winner of NBC’s The Sing Off. The five founding members were brothers Chris and Adam Rupp, Matt Atwood, Darren Scruggs, and Dan Lemke.

Using nothing but their voices, Home Free has been touring the nation over the last 14 years bringing a unique country flair to audiences far and wide. Signed to Columbia Records, Home Free has released two albums, Crazy Life and Full of Cheer (Holiday) and are focusing all of their energy on touring, albums, and video productions for years to come.


But now, with their country-ish acapella cover of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”,  this group became a social media buzz because of their hilarious actions and new arrangement of the song. They managed to recreate the song and not just use the original music. Like seriously, they certainly make every inch of you smirk! As the group tried to mimic the original music video by Meghan, they made it more catchy and most specially, funny!

Just look at that!


“I see the magazines working that Photoshop” (a line from the song)


See, how they transform Meghan Trainor’s musical piece.


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