Hovering Spoon In Mars?

NASA’s Curiosity rover has spotted faces, coffins, animals, and now even a kitchen utensil on Mars.

Hovering Spoon In Mars?The image of a floating spoon captured by NASA’s Curiosity rover is one of the most fascinating views of a rock formation on the Martian surface yet.

Located at the center of the photo, the feature appears to be floating in mid-air with a shadow from the spoon being cast on the Red Planet’s surface.

The “floating spoon” was discovered on 30 August by the members of the UnmannedSpaceflight.com forum and scientists have dismissed it as a classic case of pareidolia, a psychological response to seeing familiar objects in random places.

Hovering Spoon In Mars?However, it is very much impossible that there’s an alien civilization on Mars that just happened to leave a kitchen utensil to be floating around.

According to Discovery News, on Mars, where the atmosphere is thin, gravity is weak and other erosion processes are few, wind action can create even more elegant structures than on Earth. Aeolean processes (wind action) dominates Mars, producing everything from small dust devils to planet-wide dust storms. This windy activity creates vast dune fields and snaking valleys — it can also create tiny arches and overhangs, like this “spoon.”

Hovering Spoon In Mars?What appears to be a shadow beneath the “spoon” is of course, a trick of the light. However, looking at the direction of sunlight on the surface in this Curiosity observation, it appears as if it has been carved out of the sedimentary rock and aligned with rocky layers that can be seen tracing lines across the dusty surface.

Oh well, blame it to the pa-pa-pa-pareidolia.

So once again, the kitchen utensil you just saw on Mars is just a rock that happens to have a shape like that of a spoon.

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