How Can You Keep YouTube Playing In Your Phone?

Among the greatest First World problems of the previous decade continues to be our inability to listen to our favorite tunes on YouTube while doing other things on our iPhones at the same time. Because the moment you close-out the YouTube app on our smartphones, the music stops suddenly.

How Can You Keep YouTube Playing In Your Phone?But intelligent technology enthusiasts online have discovered a work around for this issue (for iPhone customers at least), and we have completed our very own testing to show that it surely does work – the only thing we cannot determine is just why we were not made aware of this sooner.

So, in order to make it work, just follow the steps below:

First, you have to dump the official YouTube app – because admit it, it’s horrible for searching anyway – and discover your favorite tune on YouTube by using the Safari browser. Just hit play, skip all the ads, then hit the home button to take you back to your home screen.

Naturally, the audio may stop playing. But when you are wearing headphones with a small microphone/controller in it, all you got to do is to hit play, and the song will begin again, enabling you to make use of YouTube just like a free music-streaming service.

How Can You Keep YouTube Playing In Your Phone?

But if you’re not using headphones, or your headphones don’t have one of those small buttons on the cord, that’s fine too. Simply lock your phone, press the home button, and then swipe up to open the control centre – you know, the screen where you turn on your flashlight.

Underneath the display brightness setting, you need to see title of the song and the name of the artist alongside the play button icon below. Just press play then you are all set.

How Can You Keep YouTube Playing In Your Phone?For anyone who’s been carrying this out for a long time, we are sorry to convey the most obvious, however for the rest of us, this is literally life-changing. 

On the other hand, we haven’t tested the method on Android phones yet, but sadly the feedback on the web suggests that it doesn’t work.


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