How Come Puppies Became Pandas?

Italian Circus paints Puppies into Pandas


An Italian circus took advantage of its patrons’ demand for cute animals by painting black patches on the ears and backs of two white Chow Chow puppies – and passing them off as PANDAS.

According to the State Forestry Corp, the furry puppies, one male and one female, were camouflaged as pandas so children and parents would pay to take photos with them. The kids couldn’t tell the difference. But the police did.


Here is what pandas actually look like:


Because of this, the circus’s fraud was caught by representatives of the Animal Protection Party (APP) following up reports of animal cruelty.

APP President Fabrizio Catelli told the Circus’ Managemnet,

At the entrance of the circus were two animals who were presented as panda cubs. The staff invited families to take pictures of children in the company of those sweet fur balls. But when our volunteers approached, they realized that those animals had nothing to do with the pandas. It was, in reality, two chow chows painted black and white to look like pandas.”

The APP are dissatisfied with this, Catelli saying, “We consider it unacceptable that the animals are ridiculed for the pleasure of others, and not least for economic reasons.”

Charges of misrepresentation however, might be harder to beat.  Despite being one of the most ancient breeds of dog in the world, chow chows are definitively canines. Moreover, the dogs apparently had 2 false passports to facilitate their importation from Hungary. The circus’s secretary has denied fraud on the basis that it was apparent that they are dogs, although the parents who paid so their children could have photos taken with the puppies might not think the issue is so black and white.

But eventually, the owner of the circus was arrested and accused of animal abuse, Italian media reported.

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