How Much Is The Human Body Worth in The Black Market?

You may not be a worthy individual (if you think so right now) but your parts are very much valuable.

How Much Is The Human Body Worth in The Black Market?

If you’re down on your luck and looking for a way to make some cash, it’s perfectly acceptable to donate some sperm or rent your uterus out to some infertile couple. How much do you think you are worth? Me? I think I am priceless because my mum tells me so.

There really is no price that can be put on life itself, however, the human body and its components can be valued. In order to do this you need to think of our bodies, as a commodity. You need to think of our bodies as a marketable item, something that has value and can be traded or sold.

Naturally we have a value attached to us for what we can produce, either via working or other means. If a person were to earn £25,000 a year for 30 years, it could be stated their value was £750,000, or 3/4’s of a million pounds. However, when you look at the human body as a commodity such as gold, silver, and agricultural products such as coffee, sugar, wheat or rice, it puts a whole different perspective into what we are worth. Check out just how pricey you are:

How Much Is The Human Body Worth in The Black Market?

or this one…

Not for the squeamish, but if you just look at what various body parts and organs may be worth when sold for specimen use, transplants, or on the black market, you may be surprised.

How Much Is The Human Body Worth in The Black Market?

Corneas: Believe it or not, the small corneas of our eyes are worth £15,000!Skeleton: Our skeletons are worth £5,000. Of course what they need to do to get to it isn’t pleasant.

Lungs: A set of lungs is worth £206,000. I gasped when I read that:)

Heart: A human heart is worth an astonishing £425,000! Now you know why for some it is difficult to give theirs away.

Kidney: A kidney is worth £105,000. You can see now why some people try to sell one of theirs on Ebay.

Liver: Your liver is worth £104,000. I’ll drink to that.

Bones and Ligaments: All your bones and ligaments are worth £3,600. As there are 206 bones in an adult body, I would have thought you could part them out for more money.

Blood and Skin: On average we have 3168 square inches of skin, although I have seen some people eating in fast food shops that seem to have much more, and we carry 10 pints of blood with us. Our blood has a value of £225 per pint, or £2,250 for the whole lot. And our skin carries a value of £6 per square inch, or £19,008 for all of it. So while a pint of blood is more expensive than a square inch of skin, in the larger picture, our skin is as a whole, more valuable.

There are estimates that the illegal trade of human organs is as high as $1.2 billion, or £800 million!

Body Parts Sold As Exhibits

Let’s look at what certain body parts may be worth if they are put on exhibit to the medical community or the general public. Maybe we could do a “Body Part Tour” around the UK.

Sliver of Human Head: A sliver of a human head is worth $1,500 or about £985. I wonder how many slivers there are in a human head??

A Section Of The Entire Length Of a Human Body: This would be worth £15,000 or about £9,848. Don’t even think about what they need to do in order to get this “section”.

Smoker’s Lungs: A set of smoker’s lungs is valued at $3,600 or £2,363. I wonder what a non-smoker’s lungs are worth?

Slice of a Human Hand: Just a slice of your hand is worth $185 or £121. And all those times I accidently cut myself for free.

Metals Present In The Body

Oddly enough, there are some precious metal in our bodies. Not in large quantities, but still present. It may surprise you what we are actually made up of.

Gold: Au on the Periodic Table of Elements. There is 0.2mg present in our bodies, worth around $0.00827178.

Platinum: Pt on the Periodic Table, and there is 1.75mg in our bodies with a value of $0.00000550.

Copper: Cu – 0.00003795mg in our bodies valued at $0.00000150.

As these are low amounts, it would take 40,000 people to get enough gold for just one (1) UK Sovereign coin.

Functions of The Body

With our valuable bodies we can perform many functions and do many things. You’d be surprised at just what it takes for your hand to function.

Electricity: As humans we produce enough electricity to power a 100 watt light bulb for 24 hours. The cost for this would be around £123 a year. That’s one way to reduce your electricity bill.

Travel: If the average person walks about 3,500 steps a day, which is 1.75 miles per day. This equates to 639 miles in a year. It would cost £287.55 to do this travelling in a car.

Our Brains

Our brains are an amazing organ! They operate much like a computer, without all the patches and upgrades, but with some memory issues.

There are estimates that our brains can store 100 terabytes of data. The equivalent of 25 four(4) terabyte hard drives. The 100tb of storage has a value of around £2,500.

Our Hearts

The heart is also an amazing organ. Not only does it pump 2,000 gallons of blood though our bodies each day, it also can be given figuratively when in love.

To try and put a value on our hearts as a pump, if a pool pump were to do the same amount of pumping, our heart’s pumping power would be worth £85 per year.


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How Much Is The Human Body Worth in The Black Market?
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