If Aliens Are True, They Will Probably Be The Size Of Bears

Aliens, Aliens, Aliens!

They are often portrayed as small out-of-this-world beings, but in ‘reality’ they could be much larger and heavier than science fiction films suggest.

If Aliens Are True, They Will Probably Be The Size Of BearsAccording to The Daily Mail, scientist Fergus Simpson has calculated the minimum size needed for intelligent life to survive, based on the laws of conservation of energy seen on Earth.

And from this, he calculates that if intelligent extraterrestrials exist they will typically weigh 650lbs (300kg) – the median weight of a polar bear.

If Aliens Are True, They Will Probably Be The Size Of Bears


Simpson began by estimating how many beings might make up an alien civilization and came to an average of 50 million or fewer individuals. This is quite a lot smaller than Earth where the human population is thought to be around 7 billion, but Simpson considers Earth to be on the high end of the population spectrum. He also thinks that most of alien life will come from a planet smaller than Earth.

Not only that, Simpson also believes that humans fall lower than the median weight predicted by his calculations. Quite a lot lower, actually, since the median comes out at 300 kilograms (661 pounds); humans average around 70 kilograms (154 pounds). For reference, Earth animals that weigh about 300 kilograms include bears, tigers, and dugongs. 

This analysis supports the idea that larger animals are less abundant since they gobble up more energy and resources; think of a blue whale compared to an ant. However, there have to be some fairly colossal aliens out there for 300 kilograms to be the average. Should alien life forms be as large as a bear? Hmmm…

If Aliens Are True, They Will Probably Be The Size Of BearsIt is unlikely that they will be intelligent by human definition. Therefore, we probably won’t be expecting any visits from flying saucers anytime soon.

However, the unfortunate truth is that, it will be impossible to determine the accuracy of Simpson’s claims unless we actually find alien life—and not just from one planet but many. Even if we could contact alien life and it was intelligent enough to pop over, there’s still the risk that these alien-bear beings wouldn’t be friendly. The prospect of becoming slaves to an alien race is now even more terrifying with the idea that alien overlords could be the size of polar bears, rather than the skinny green men many thought were.

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