It Is Common To Get Zika Virus Through Sex

After an urgent situation panel conference on Tuesday, the UN health agency also stated that there has been a growing proof of links between different birth defects and Zika.

It Is Common To Get Zika Virus Through Sex

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the sexual transmission of the Zika virus is more likely to happen than what was previously thought.

Mosquitoes spread Zika virus however, many nations have documented instances of sexual transmission of the said virus.

Last month the WHO stated that the outbreak constituted a global emergency. WHO Director General Dr Margaret Chan stated ” inspections and reviews in a number of nations clearly claim that sexual transmission of virus is less unusual than previously thought”. She named the development”alarming”.

It Is Common To Get Zika Virus Through Sex

Dr Chan stated that microcephaly – a birth defect firmly linked to the Zika outbreak in Brazil – was just one of the many problems the WHO and the virus had linked.

Other than that is Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). Nine nations were now documented a rise in instances of GBS, a situation that may cause death and temporary paralysis.

Dr Chan stated issues associated with Zika were currently being observed not only in women of child bearing age, but to kids, teens and older people as well.

It Is Common To Get Zika Virus Through Sex

She stated public health authorities shouldn’t watch for conclusive medical evidence of links between different health problems and the disease before issuing advice.

The WHO has recommended expectant mothers to exercise safe-sex and also to prevent going to places with continuing Zika outbreaks or refrain from intercourse for that length of the pregnancy.

Women who’re pregnant in affected nations or travel to these nations are naturally seriously worried,” said Dr Chan.

The United States is examining greater than a dozen probable instances of Zika in individuals who might have been infected through intercourse.

A vaccine for that Zika virus might be prepared for individual tests later this season, Dr Anthony Fauci, who’s leading the study program of the Federal government, said a week ago.


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