Japanese Spider-Man Is Now On Marvel

The Japanese Spider-Man OR Supaidaman, as it is known to its devotees, is finally getting some mainstream Marvel love. Spiderman was a late 1970s series developed by Marvel and Japan’s Toei Company. Unlike the American action figure, however, it’s much, much…wait for it…WEIRDER!


Japanese Spider-Man Is Now On Marvel

The show follows Takuya Yamashiro in the title role, but guys he’s no Peter Parker. He’s a lot weirder than him!

For instance, instead of being a spunky teen photojournalist, Spider-Man’s a motocross racer in his civilian alter ego. Instead of getting his powers in a lab accident from a radioactive spider bite, he falls into a cave and is given a blood transfusion by a space-wizard from the planet Spider. Instead of not battling his enemies in a skyscraper-sized flying robot named Leopardon, well, he does.

Japanese Spider-Man Is Now On Marvel



Marvel is currently streaming episodes one and seven from the series, though it’s unclear when the company will release more. The move is fitting since the character just made his canon debut in Amazing Spider-Man #12 during the Spider-Verse event. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of him and his EPIC WEIRDNESS.

So, without much further ado, Marvel.com proudly presents the pilot episode of TOEI’s live action Spider-Man series from Japan!



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