KFC’s Ice Are Full Of Bacteria, According to Reports

Harmful microorganisms from poop continues to be found on the ice in a KFC restaurant in the U.K. (This is not so finger lickin’ good. 

KFC's Ice Are Full Of Bacteria, According to Reports

The breakthrough was created as part of “Rip Off Britain”, a BBC customer watchdog show, which investigates hygiene levels at takeaway restaurants and other fast food chains. The test was available at one department of KFC in Martineau Place, Birmingham. Samples from other shops exhibited safe and reduced degrees of bacteria.

Reporters from the show went undercover into each of the restaurants and asked for a cup of ice and tap water. The samples were then studied by medical microbiologists who looked for bacteria.

KFC's Ice Are Full Of Bacteria, According to Reports

Dr. Margarita Gomez Escalada, who analyzed the test at Leeds Beckett University, informed Rip Off Britain about, “The presence of fecal coliform suggests that there’s fecal contamination either on the water that made the ice, or the ice itself, and so it increases the risk of getting sick from consuming this ice.”

It’s really hard to say how the fecal bacteria got to the ice that we tested. The thing I think is most likely is that it got there through manipulation. So someone touched the ice and their hands weren’t particularly clean,” she added.

KFC's Ice Are Full Of Bacteria, According to Reports

KFC have stated that they were “extremely disappointed” with the news and they were undertaking an immediate investigation, along with a staff retraining program.

We take food safety and hygiene extremely seriously at KFC, and with 95 percent of our restaurants achieving a score of 4 or above, having just one of our 890 restaurants with a zero rating was completely unacceptable, which is why we worked with a specialist third party consultant to get the restaurant back to our high standards,” as Janet Cox, head of health, safety, and environment at KFC U.K. and Ireland, told CNBC.

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