Koala Mauled By A Cougar After It Broke Into LA Zoo

After being papped in front of the Hollywood sign, the cougar unbelievable rose to fame, but the cougar referred to as P-22 mightn’t have gained any new followers pursuing his newest exploits in downtown LA. It seems that P-22 may be the primary suspect in a crime that occurred in LA Zoo on March 3.

Koala Mauled By A Cougar After It Broke Into LA Zoo

Zookeepers began to work simply to discover that a koala from the title of Killarney, among the marsupials, was missing from her housing. Not far from her crate, the owners discovered a dubious tuft of hair, and following a path that was dark ultimately came across the mauled remains of the poor Australian mammal. Confused by what may be the trigger, the team homed in on the offender, and considered the number of distant camera traps put up round the zoo.

As the killing’s work wasn’t really captured on cam, the owners discovered that P-22 was the probable perp, as he was documented coming round the reasons throughout that fateful evening. Not just that, however it appears he may have spent time as he was observed prowling round the evening before scoping out the zoo.

The evidence is circumstantial. We don’t have any video of it taking the koala. We can’t say 100 percent,” according to the director of L.A. Zoo, John Lewis.

Koala Mauled By A Cougar After It Broke Into LA Zoo

How he’s been managing to go out and get inside of the zoo is til unknown, however it would appear that he should have jumped a 2.5-meter (8 foot) fence to get in before getting the 14-year old marsupial. Sadly for that koala, her routine of resting on the floor during the night mightn’t did her any favors.


For the time being, another 10 koalas in the zoo are increasingly being stored inside during the night for fear about a repeat assault, while P-22 stays most importantly within the 16 sq kilometers (6 square kilometers) Griffiths Playground next to the zoo where he’s created his home.


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