Man Bitten By A Mosquito Contracted A Swollen Face

Screw you mosquitoes!

Man Bitten By A Mosquito Contracted A Swollen FaceThis 30-year-old man named, Zhang, from China, just got his face swollen for 2 months due to an allergic reaction with a mosquito bite. 

I clearly remembered that I was bitten by a mosquito on May 26,” Zhang said.

Right after the bite, he claimed that he squeezed the bite with his hand in order to relieve from itching. However, the surrounding skin became inflamed followed by festering symptoms. Shortly afterwards, his whole face swelled up. His lips were swollen like sausages. He even couldn’t open eyes.

On June 15, Zhang’s body temperature went up to 39 degrees centigrade. But apart from the fever he had no other symptoms. 

On June 29, he consulted a doctor in Luoyang, Henan. Doctors attributed the swelling to the mosquito bite and that there was no specific treatment aside from placing ice compress on his swollen face to relieve pain and discomfort. According to Dai Tao, a director at the Luoyang Oriental Hospital,

His condition is extremely rare. Other than the swelling in the face, nothing else seems to be wrong.”

The doctor added that the swelling was Mr Zhang’s immune system reaction to the mosquito bite, which may have been more poisonous than regular bites. The lymph nodes on the face and the neck have been blamed for causing the abnormal size of the swelling.

Man Bitten By A Mosquito Contracted A Swollen FaceMr. Zhang has been dismissed from his job for taking time off work to receive medical treatment. He is now resting at home, but is expected to require further treatment from specialists. 


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