Man Lets His Pet Leech Feast On His Own Arm

Man Lets His Pet Leech Feast On His Own ArmA gut-churning video, showing a leech grow very fat as it sucks blood from a man’s arm, has recently gone viral on the internet. What’s even shocking is that the man claims that the bloodsucker is actually his pet, and that he is very much willing to let the creature feed on his own blood!

The identity of the man is unknown, but the video is believed to have been filmed in Japan. The leech in the footage is so bloated, it’s as big as the man’s forearm as the huge bloodsucking leech enjoying a tasty treat from its owner’s arm as it sits on a white counter

Man Lets His Pet Leech Feast On His Own ArmJudging by the bite marks on his arm, the owner has been feeding the creature his blood for quite some time now.

According to Daily Mail Co UK, leeches grow bigger as they consume more and more blood. Some species might reach up to 16 inches in length. Leeches, being parasites, aren’t exactly ideal pets. They have been used in medicine since for 2,500 years, first being used in ancient Egypt.

Doctors believed that ‘bloodletting’ using the parasites to suck ‘excess’ blood out of their patients would help purify the body, and used it to treat a range of illnesses from tonsillitis to hemorrhoids.


via Daily Mail

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