McDonald’s Employees Dressed Like Various Anime Characters

Nothing can compare any other McDonald chain from that of Taiwan’s! 

McDonald's employees dressed like various Anime characters.

On New Year’s Eve, one of  Taiwan’s favorite fastfood chain, McDonald’s started the New Year’s Eve with a BANG! That’s right folks! As McDonald’s employees dressed like various anime characters. From maid outfits., flight attendant uniforms and Dragon Ball characters, who wouldn’t have a go to dine into this food chain and interact with them?

The images spread like wildfire into social media sites and now employees at other McDonald’s locales across the country are following the new outfit trend. Below, you can see various images of your favorite anime characters come into life.

You can identify Chucky —rather, Chuckies – the killer doll, ready to serve you!


McDonald’s waitresses in cheerleader costumes. Look how fab they are.




These school girls aren’t quite your ordinary McDonald’s servers..hmmm..interesting!




Helmets, grade school backpacks, little dude with a ‘stache, and Mr. and Mrs. Claus all in one.




One Taiwan Airport-Base McDonald’s made dressed their employees like flight attendants.


Of course, the expected Frozen cosplay.




And last but not the least, the NOT-YOUR-ORDINARY McDonald’s Maids. As has become the norm for maid-based dining, customers are referred to as “Master,” with the pretty-in-pink cashiers handing over burgers while chiming, “Master, I have finished preparing your order.”



Reports say that, these cosplay events show no signs of stopping that we, especially the Taiwan folks should expect even more McDonald’s restaurants in Taiwan to dress up like these by the end of 2015 and beyond.

Unfortunately, the world’s biggest hamburger chain hasn’t decided to institute the maid uniform at all of its locations worldwide, or even all of them in Taiwan. According to Taiwanese media outlet ET Today, the outfits are part of an annual competition among McDonald’s branches in the country.




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