Meet Marie, The Mother Whose Son Is Twice Her Height

Marie Andrews, a 32 year old mother from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, who suffered from a severe form of brittle bone disease. Marie is just 17 inches high, while her son is almost twice her height.Meet Marie, The Mother Whose Son Is Twice Her HeightAt 32 inches, the cheerful little lad could cause his mother serious injury because her bones fracture so easily – she recently broke her knee just rolling over in bed.

Meet Marie, The Mother Whose Son Is Twice Her Height

“I always ensure I have my back against a wall to support me when I am cuddling him. I then can’t hug him too tightly or I could easily break another bone. And I place a cushion on my lap when he sits on me,” she added.

Mark was just three months old when he kicked out while I was changing his nappy and fractured my rib. Now when I am sat on the floor playing with him, I look up and he seems like a giant. But whatever fun we are having, I never forget if he accidentally fell on top of me now I could be seriously injured.She endured over 200 fractures, unable to walk or even stand. Yet despite the painful breaks and risks to her own health, Marie – who is married to scientist Dan, 34, – has never been happier.

Being a mum is a dream come true. Mark is the miracle baby I never thought I would have. Simply watching him grow is absolutely wonderful. Being parents has brought both Dan and I so much joy,” she said.

Meet Marie, The Mother Whose Son Is Twice Her HeightIn fact the couple have taken so much to parenthood they are now planning to have a second child via surrogacy again. Because thank to a surrogate that they managed to have Mark, who was born in November 2013, a healthy 8Ib.

Dan and I were thrilled when another mum offered to have Mark for us,” Marie said. 

Marie was just a few days old when doctors gave her mother Ann the devastating news she had brittle bone disease, osteogenesis imperfecta. A condition, which means her body doesn’t produce enough collagen – the ‘cement,’ which provides bones with strength and flexibility – means she can break an arm just reaching for a cup of tea.

As an added complication Marie also had a twisted spine, respiratory and heart problems.
Meet Marie, The Mother Whose Son Is Twice Her HeightMiraculously she pulled through, but by the time Marie was eight she’d had so many fractures she was confined to a wheelchair. However she went to mainstream school, eventually leaving to work as a school receptionist.

It was through her job that she met Dan in 2002.

Marie had a great sense of humor and we just clicked. After a while I didn’t notice her disability,” he said.

Meet Marie, The Mother Whose Son Is Twice Her HeightMeet Marie, The Mother Whose Son Is Twice Her HeightSo, moving on with her son, Marie has become used to strangers mistaking her for Mark’s big sister.

It doesn’t annoy me but I always make it clear I am Mark’s mum.”

After getting married to Dan, Marie said the addition of Mark helped make them a ‘real family’. She then wrote a blog for disability charity Scope about her experiences and family life.



via The Daily Mail

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