OMG! A Boy Died After Playing DOTA For 22 Straight Days

A 17-year-old, teenage boy who was fixated in playing the famous online computer game, Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) died after reportedly playing it for 22 straight days!


OMG! A Boy Died After Playing DOTA For 22 Straight DaysThe boy, named Rustam, who had broken his leg and was bored at home, saw his character die on screen before he passed away at home. He was playing the game Defence of the Ancients almost continuously, only stopping to sleep and eat.

Investigators stated that the addicted gamer spent beyond 2,000 hours playing the game that began last year. It has become a schedule of his, which works out at around six-and-a-half hours a day, culminating in the intensive almost non-stop sessions over 22 days leading to his death.

OMG! A Boy Died After Playing DOTA For 22 Straight DaysThe shocking death happened in the town of Uchaly in southern Russia’s Republic of Bashkortostan. His parents claimed that they usually heard him pounding at his keyboard but on August 30, all went quiet in his room.

He was then rushed to hospital but declared dead on arrival. Doctors believe he could have died from second class syndrome, thrombosis from not moving around, as on a cramped long haul flight.

Medical expert, Azat Hafizov explained what could have happened.

People can suffer from such problems during long flights when they are forced to sit. The boy presumably died from a thrombosis. They are appearing in 50 percent of cases when people have fractures.”

OMG! A Boy Died After Playing DOTA For 22 Straight Days

In the last 22 days it is suspected he played the game almost all the time, stopping only to take a nap and grab a snack. Since August 8 he had a broken leg and has spent all his time at home playing computer games,” confirmed bypolice spokeswoman, Svetlana Abramova.

According to, Russian representative for children Pavel Astakhov,

It is important to follow what your kids are doing. In the case of the 17-year-old, it is suspected he spent what was the equivalent of 83 whole days online out of the past year-and-a-half. A dependence on computer games is one of biggest dangers for the kids nowadays”.

Online video games like DOTA, are highly addictive. So parents, have the time in guiding your kids.

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