OMG! Doctors Remove 360 Gallstones From Woman’s Gallbladder

A woman from India recently underwent surgery in order to remove the gallstones formed in her gallbladder after suffering from excruciating stomach pain for several months. Shockingly, doctors were able to take out more than 300 stones from her gallbladder.

OMG! Doctors Remove 360 Gallstones From Woman's GallbladderAfter several months of enduring the stomach pain, Mousumi Dam, 49 years old from Kolkata in West Bengal, condition got worse to the point of getting jaundice. Hence, Dam decided to seek medical advise.

As their standard procedure, doctors did several tests on Dam, such as, ultrasonography. After the tests, the doctors discovered her medical case was caused by several formations of gallstones in her bladder.

OMG! Doctors Remove 360 Gallstones From Woman's GallbladderAccording to reports, Dam went to the referred hospitallocated in Kolkata, where doctors performed an operation to remove the marble-sized stones for almost an hour. However, much to their surprise only to find out that they had removed 360 gallstones out from her body.

OMG! Doctors Remove 360 Gallstones From Woman's GallbladderDr. Makha Lal Saha, one of the doctors who took out the stones, expressed his thoughts after the operation, saying it was the hospital’s first time to have such case.

I’ve worked as a doctor for nearly 37 years but I’ve never seen so many stones packed in a gallbladder. This is the first time in the medical history of West Bengal that anyone has had a surgery to remove 360 stones,” Saha said in the article of Opposing Views.

Saha also shared that it took him 50 minutes to take out the stones that were 50 millimeters in size.

OMG! Doctors Remove 360 Gallstones From Woman's Gallbladder

In fact my hands were numb by the time I removed the last stone. Surprisingly, all the stones had same size and shape.”

He also removed Dam’s gallbladder because he noticed that she had a mix of cholesterol and bi-pigment stones that were harmful to her body.

Saha said he could not determine the reason behind the huge amount of gallstone formation. Although, he speculated it could be the result of having high amount of cholesterol in the patient’s bile and that the patient doesn’t drink enough water that can cause the formation of stones.

Fortunately, Dam was able to go home three days after her operation and is currently in the process of recovery.

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