OMG! This 7-Year-Old Indian Boy Is This Century’s “Google Kid”

Kautilya Pandit is not just like your ordinary 7-year-old boy who only knows how to play the Xbox because this cute little boy knows everything. He’s a walking encyclopedia and is now dubbed as the “Google Kid”.

OMG! This 7-Year-Old Indian Boy Is This Century's "Google Kid"The wonder kid has the capacity to absorb information ranging to geography, to biology, to current affairs. He also dabbles in economic statistics, politics and just about any subject you can think of.

Dressed in simple, plain black kurta pajama, Kautilya was the guessed of Greenwood High International School. He answered several general knowledge questions: capitals of countries, parts of the body and others related to geography, all in a jiffy. The whiz kid has been honoured at least 100 times, and received an award from the Haryana government for his exceptional intelligence quotient (IQ) and memory. He even appeared on the show, Kaun Banega Crorepati, an Indian television game show based on the UK game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

OMG! This 7-Year-Old Indian Boy Is This Century's "Google Kid"

The boy, who is from Kohand Village in Haryana, India, managed to memorize information about 213 countries, their population, GDP (Gross Domestic Product), source of income, currency, religion, culture and heritage. All within a span of only three ‘freakin’ months.


OMG! This 7-Year-Old Indian Boy Is This Century's "Google Kid"

Kautilya, who is now a national celebrity, has been touring schools answering real time questions from kids. Most recently, he was asked about the GDP of the UK, the size of the Vatican, and more. All of which he answered with ease associated with his quick wit.

Being a ‘wonder’, his parents are quite proud of his achievements. 

Kautiyla is God’s gift to us. He is very curious by nature and is blessed with an excellent photographic memory,” says his father Satish Sharma.

But with his extraordinary brilliance, Kautilya is just confused about his future plans…just like any other kid.

I want to be an IAS officer… no, a scientist… an astronaut…” he said, before finally saying, “I will first study and then decide.”

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