One Daring Cat Takes An Accidental Ride On an Airplane

MEOW’s ready for takeoff!

One Daring Cat Takes An Accidental Ride On an Airplane

One daring feline has accidentally performed a stunt flight on a light aircraft’s wing!

A cat finds itself on the flight of her life as she clings to the wing of a plane flying over Kourou, French Guiana. In a video posted on YouTube, it took a while for the pilot, Romain Jantot, and his passenger, to notice their furry passenger. But in the end, no additional kitty lives were taken.

It started off as a normal flight until about 40 seconds into the clip. That was when the critter creep into view, appearing eartips-first from further down the plane’s left wing. The animal appeared understandably bewildered, clinging to the wing with eyes wide open.

However, it was not until another 20 seconds pass and the cat was already halfway in the cockpit, that the pilot and the passenger notice it. The pilot immediately starts to turn the craft around to land and deliver the surprise extra passenger to safety.

At one point, as the plane turns, the cat began to visibly slide down the wing, and had to cling with its forepaws to stay in place. Fortunately, the situation never escalated to the point that the old saying about cats being able to land on their feet from any height was tested.

One Daring Cat Takes An Accidental Ride On an Airplane

Eventually the aircraft landed safely, with the cat looking bravely forward, its fur and ears fluttering in the wind. Once the craft reached a complete halt, the terrified feline is taken off the wing and runs off, fully intact.

How the cat got onto the plane’s wing to begin with is a mystery, the pilot says in the video description.

I still don’t know if it got in after the pre-flight check or if I missed it. The cat is doing well, she is still our mascot.”

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